Welcome to my World!

This is me...


So this is my premiere blog post ever (please excuse any screw ups on my end).

I am a model slash actress slash film-maker (cliche but effective terminology) working primarily in the Toronto area. I started this blog in effort to track my career and keep my “fans” (I use this term loosely) informed of what I have been up to. Also, I understand that blogging is what the cool kids are doing these days.

Hopefully if you are reading this now, you will continue to read (the posts will get more interesting, trust me!) I will be talking about the ups and downs of life in the “biz” and possibly inserting some tidbits about other stuff from time to time. After all, the industry is not the be all and end all (not for this guy anyway).

Wow, I just read this post over and there are a lot of () and disclaimers. Geez. Meh, it will have to do for now; more to come very soon…

xox Kate

About kindustry

I am a professional model.
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One Response to Welcome to my World!

  1. Mal says:

    WOW that was awesome..I thought blogs had to be boring and painful to read, but that was very interesting and entertaining. Great job!

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