The Silver Chair

Hey, short shorts! Don't you know it's winter?

So as I mentioned in a previous post, one of my favouritest things in the world to do is make movies. I have lost count of all of the fantastic films that we (my “awesome” friends and I) have made in the past, but one of our most recent projects is The Silver Chair. It was loosely (very loosely) adapted from C.S. Lewis’s novel of the same name. It was filmed entirely on March 23, 2008 – I am assuming this is because we were on some sort of a break that day and everyone was around, but I can’t quite remember that far back. At any rate, the treatment had been written ages before filming took place, although 99% of the scenes were completely improvised. 

I have taken the liberty of including some of my favourite stills from the movie in this post. I am planning on posting the entire film to this blog as soon as I am on a non dial-up computer.

Next up: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – due out July 2010.

That overweight fellow looked rather familiar...

I'm famous throughout the land!

Miss, you look like you could use some loosening up.

Oh, giants are wonderful people.

Your giant liquor goes down very well...


Quick - kick her while she's down!

Oh well...back to mining!



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  1. misvie says:

    I sort of love you now!

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