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I give the "thumbs up" to this stuff!

So I decided that a post pertaining to some things that inspire/motivate me (or that I just think are just plain “neat”) may be in order. Chances are that if you are actually reading this right now you likely know me (otherwise I feel very sorry for you) but on the off chance that you don’t, this will serve as a handy little introduction tool. Just like when elementary school teachers used to make us stand up one by one at our desks and say our name and three things about ourselves at the start of each school year.

<—I like wakeboarding and snowboarding but due to some old badminton injuries flaring up again and rendering me a Crutchy McCrutcherson, I can’t participate as much/ever anymore. Of the above highlighted sports, the latter two I have done competitively. See, isn’t this informative?

This picture is just so right

I do have a few famous models who inspire me, notably Gisele, Kate and Daria. A lot of people (well, at least five or six) have labeled me the “Canadian Gisele” which, of course, I am absolutely fine with. I think this moniker can be attributed to the fact that we have very similar noses, eyes and hair. Plus, she is nearly 6 feet of gargantium coolness, just like me. Well, minus the “cool” part.

People also say that I remind them of Cate B. and Tilda S. That’s fine too…especially since they were both featured in awesome possum Narnia movies (although Disney’s hackjob is hardly worthy of the Narnia name. Just sayin’).

What more needs to be said about this picture?

Ichabod's a goner...

Two of my favourite books are Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island” and Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Any movies or promotional materials made after the 1950’s are, in my opinion, horrid slaptogethers, but the original motion pictures/cartoons are pure gold and take the cake (or turkish delight) over anything made or written within during my lifetime.
One notable exception to this rather bold statement is “Strangers with Candy”, a gem of a tv show from the late ’90’s/early 00’s that I got turned onto sometime late last year. There is a dirty pile of Blank in our film’s characters; or is it the other way around?? At any rate, I’m down.
That’s all for now…more to come! In the meantime, always remember: “Plum duff ain’t no better than bilge water w’out rum”.

I stole the tv...

Marooned on Treasure Island...decent

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