What I Got Up to this Week…

After our gorgeous long weekend of May (spent working), I embarked on several days of traveling extensively between Kingston, Ottawa and Toronto for various shoots, fittings and other miscellaneous jobs.

One of my favourite young designers is Toronto-based Carissa (the brains behind Copious Couture – check out her blog at http://www.copiouscouture.blogspot.com). We have worked together in the past (I modeled her last line in December of 2009) and she is currently working on her new collection, which she has constructed to my exact measurements (ones that I provided months ago – she has never actually measured me. Crazy, right?) Stay tuned for me traipsing around in the finished pieces next month when the shoot is planned…

From our December shoot:

Mmm...martinis and Manolos.

Another exciting shoot this week was with Gwen Brydson (http://www.gbrydsonphotography.com) who I have also worked with in the past. We hooked back up (not in a Brad/Angelina kind of way) for a shoot for her Artist Series. This particular one featured the brilliant jewellery of Sarah at Chatpeaux (http://www.chatpeaux.com) and the style wizardry of Elizabeth, the owner of Labl (http://www.labl.ca). Another designer who whipped up an outfit for me based solely on the measurements I provided via e-mail. How ’bout it eh?
Some snippets from our shoot on Wednesday…

Headshot - more to come.

Frankly, I just enjoy berries. Giant or otherwise.

On another note, I have been spending quite an inordinate amount of time in our nation’s capital (that would be Ottawa, not Red Horse – although I am often apt to think otherwise). This week was my last week working for a Canadian cosmetics distribution company.
I did get the chance to kind of meet Marc Anthony (the celebrity hairstylist, not J Lo’s husband). I have a picture where I am awkwardly standing in frame with him talking to someone else but it is actually rather embarrassing and I would rather not post it, Instead, I will insert a picture of myself and one of my fellow models for the past month, Sam.

About as happy as I'll look for the next several years.



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One Response to What I Got Up to this Week…

  1. Carissa says:

    Thanks so much for the shout out!!! I can’t wait to see ya tomorrow!


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