Business and Pearls and Politicians…Oh My!!

So a couple of weeks ago I did a shoot with the ever-so-lovely Tom Feiler (the director of Sometimes I Dream of Reindeer which you may have read about in a previous post of mine entitled “Worldwide Short Film Festival”). It was supposed to turn up in Canadian Business (y’know, the magazine) sometime in the near future. I happened upon a Chapters a few days ago and opened the current issue to this page:
“How to Look Good in a Photograph”

Please note the top left corner of the (rather poorly scanned) picture. Me-ow…look at what the cat dragged in. I like it, actually. Here is the rest of me:

Betcha wish you had a mauve powersuit.

Anyway, the pictures made me feel rather cheerful, so I shelled out the $5.95 plus tax to pick up my very own copy (hence the crappy scans). The rest of the magazine’s not bad either. I think it’s out until June 14 if you’re interested.

Yesterday (Sunday) I got up at the ungodly hour of 4:45 AM to drive to the city for a shoot for LFO Pearls ( It was an amazingly fun job, so the early morning was well worth it. Luisa (the owner/designer/builder) and the photographer, Christina, were wonderful. The photographer’s pup, Bossten (get it?) was on hand and of course I insisted on having a picture with. Hence, he was decked out in pearls and ended up stealing the shot from me – what do you think?

I'll take twelve of whatever the dog is wearing...

I used to be as tan as him...oh, sun, how I miss you.


After the shoot I proceeded to an event in downtown Toronto for government folk from all across Canada. It was an experience. The last time I got winked at so much was…mmm…actually, I’ve never been winked at that much (or ever, really). Plus, let’s just suffice it to say that a good lot of them will be feeling a wee bit rough this morning.

It’s all in a day’s work.

Kate xox


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