Hair is a New Post…

When I started out in the modeling game, I thought that people would fall in love with my wit, charm, grace and professionalism (modesty too…) However, I soon came to realize that none of these things really come into play in any sort of workplace environment (least of all this business). What people wanted from me was my hair. Check it out below, courtesy of the amazing David M:

It's all mine, baby.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I have exceptionally nice hair. In fact, I rarely even brush it (that’s what leave-in conditioner is for…duh! Don’t tell anyone though – that’s my little secret.) I just have lots of it (hair, that is) and it’s really, really, REALLY easy to manipulate.

Photo: Babak, Hair: Amy Freudenberg, Make-up: Kristine Frank, Styling: Laura DiMarcantonio

The awesome composition featured above is my most recent tearsheet. It is from Harlow Magazine ( that was shot earlier this year with one of my favourite photographers, Babak (; for some more of me, go to – you will see my scantily clad self on the top left). We worked together again on tuesday of this week with a fabulous hairstylist, Palma and an equally talented make-up artist, Fatima. It was such a wonderful team (the other two models were friends of mine so it was even more fun!) I asked Babak if he would take a quick picture of me for my blog and he produced the gorgeous shot below:

Behind the Scene...

More hairy pictures from the past…

David M



David M


Lise V


Erlinda E


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