Worldwide Short Film Festival – Part II

Shortcut to awesome.

So you may recall my post a couple of weeks ago about a movie that I was in being selected for the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto. You also may remember me mentioning that the viewing of said movie was last friday/saturday. Well, I certainly did haul my unshowered ass (hey, I’d just finished work!) out to see it on saturday night. And, damnit, it was downright amazing! Hauntingly beautiful and visually stunning, much unlike the jokester who snuck into the picture below…

Yes, that's my mug on the DVD I am holding.

I didn’t even have to show up alone, which was pretty allright. My good friends Anna, Ellen and Dave (a.k.a. Quenton T. Buddington III) accompanied me and we had a great time taking in all of the wonders that Cinema 4 had to offer.

Post-viewing interview with Tom Feiler.

Those twins et al.

If you would like to see some more photos from the post-show interview session courtesy of the lovely photographer/journalist/all-around wise guy, David H., go to

Perhaps most importantly, if you would like to view the movie for yourself click here:

I would like to thank Tom F. for letting me be a part of his vision as well as all of my friends and family for their support. You’re all ok.

Kate xox



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