“So…What Do You Do?”

***Mini Rant Warning*** 

Wanna know something that really burns my biscuits? People’s reaction upon learning what I (and more than likely others like me) do to pay the bills. I am sick of the pitying looks (“poor thing, isn’t it everyone’s dream to try to be a model”), the condescending remarks (“wow, must be nice to be naturally thin like you – I have to work for it”) and the superiority complexes of others (“don’t you want to get a real job?”).  

First of all, there is no “trying” involved here – people hire me for jobs and I get paid. I then, in turn, pay my bills and occasionally buy cool things, like boats (definitely pre-owned), dirt bikes (used and abused) and clothing (generally new). I enjoy what I do and am lucky enough to be able to earn a decent living from it. Second, the crap about having a body that is “predisposed to being thin” is baloney. I work out every day and don’t eat scuzzy food. Have you seen the width of my shoulders? I am not exactly built like a pixie here. Finally, I have had more than my fair share of “real jobs” in my relatively short working life. I am not going to delve into details here because the point is moot. However, just because I am doing something now that actually makes me happy does not render me an unmotivated wasteoid. I know that this is nothing new – I am 100% sure others who are reading this now have had similar frustrations. Just feels good to rant it out for a minutes; my blood pressure has already dropped at least ten points. 

End of rant. 

On another note, I had a great shoot yesterday with some wonderful hair artists from Newfoundland and an amazing creative team from Toronto. I did get to leave the shoot with a sweet ‘fro, as evidenced below:

Heck yeah


Just another day in the office




About kindustry

I am a professional model.
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2 Responses to “So…What Do You Do?”

  1. Carissa says:

    Love these pics!!! You look amazing… and I also love your rant… they just dog on you cause they are upset they never went for anything non conventional in their lives! Everyone always dogs me for ‘serving’… but I just it lets me do what I love yo! Can you say that?? Have a great week Kate!


  2. lookitsbray says:

    You just keep on doing what your doing.

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