BMW and Two Movies for Canon

Yesterday some work that I did for the ActiveHybrid X6 (Bimmer, baby!) came out. It was a really fun (but very chilly) shoot from April of this year. Awesome team, awesome pictures, awesome article (the car was ok too). You can check out the full story here: 

Scanning for timbit targets...'s no Hot Lick, but it will do...


And yes, I have already received many-a-comment from assorted “friends” regarding my apparent compatibility with a high-end vehicle such as this. By that they mean, of course, that I would be incompatible with such a high-end automobile. Likely, these remarks could be attributed to my past transgressions with faulty, old or otherwise defective cars ‘n’ trucks, boats, men (hahaha!) and other such toys, but I digress…

What can I say that this picture is not already screaming?

Anyway, thanks guys; glad you know me so well 🙂

On another (very exciting) note, you may recall mention of my favourite director Tom Feiler ( from a couple of previous posts of mine…well, I have more outstanding work with him to showcase now! Yee haw! Said work is two movies for Canon (cameras) and the shoot turned out swimmingly – I am very excited about the finished product. Check them out here: (entitled “Two Movies about the Weather”. 

Damn blizzards

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One Response to BMW and Two Movies for Canon

  1. Just wanted to say that you have a very nice Blog!

    Best Wishes
    Ben 🙂

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