In Honour of Canada Day

Canada Day is upon us and it is always a reflection for me of the many reasons that I love this great country of ours. Yes, we have our problems; I’ll be the first to admit that. And yes, perhaps some of our citizens think it’s “neat” to manufacture an air of dissent about the wonderful opportunities that we have here in Canada (maybe they have never traveled to other places in the world…some people have war in their country). On the whole, however, I think are justly appreciative of this bountiful land that we have the privledge of inhabitating, myself included. So much so, that when I was young and foolish (and quite underage) I ran out and got this:

I don't THINK it's actually crooked, I think (hope) it's just the way I am standing...

Funnily enough, when I ran for Miss Canada some years ago, I was forced to allow the make-up artists to cover it up with a rather potent mixture of floor glue (smelled like it anyway) and Cover FX, which I laughingly recall one of the local newspapers who covered my participation in said contest refer to as “un-Canadian”.

Grandma with the catch of the day

Cottage boathouse, circa 1950’s

One thing I am missing like crazy today is the cottage (it’s about three miles down the lake from my house). Sadly, I won’t be able to spend any of today at the cottage, but thinking of it always makes me a little nostalgic for the hot summer days I spent growing up there – and the trouble I got into doing so. Nothing more Canadian that that!

On another note, I have been working like crazy lately (which is good!) I will be able to give more news/updates pertaining to that segment of my life soon. A quick rundown includes:
* A recent and impending shoot(s) with a new favourite photographer of mine
* Procuring the main fashion editorial spread in an awesome magazine
* Exciting new details pertaining to my upcoming tv show/filming agenda
* New Youtube video of my LFO Pearls shoot coming out (watch it here:
Happy Canada Day!

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One Response to In Honour of Canada Day

  1. Mallory says:

    LOVE IT! It is just too good. I still stand by that it is just like speaking with you in person…Great job keep it up

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