Coax Me, Cajole Me

I have had Sloan on the brain for the past day or two, hence the name of the post. Did you know that “cajole” is an acutal word? I consider myself to be somewhat handy with the English language but I wasn’t 100% sure with that word. It means “coax”. Crazy, eh?!

Carrying on…

It seems that summer has kinda passed us by in the blink of an eye. It was a good season…did some great shoots, made some fabulous contacts, got a new (to me) boat, got my party on (once…seriously!) and so on. However, now that September is approaching I have big plans to buckle down and do some serious travelling coupled with working on the sweet tv show that I have alluded to…y’know…finding the time to buckle down and work on in the past.

Plans for September/October = Philadelphia, NYC and Miami. Would have been nice to take advantage of that Jetblue “All You Can Jet” dealio, but they sold before I could get my mitts on one.

New work:

Photographer: Richard Dubois; MUA/Art Direction: Giancarlo Intini
Photographer: Richard Dubois; MUA/Art Director: Giancarlo Intini

(new tearsheet in Hairworld International magazine)

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I am a professional model.
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3 Responses to Coax Me, Cajole Me

  1. seafood says:

    Very good article and blog!

  2. Pat says:

    The boys from the ‘fax are here in Kingston on Oct 13 – the day I fly out to Winnipeg. You should go with your Sis if you can swing it!

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