Update – Tons of New Stuff…

Well it’s been a long time but I finally have a few minutes set aside to make a delightful new post. I have been busier than (insert clever euphemism for being extra busy here) lately, but that’s ok. No rest for the wicked, eh?

Anyhoo, yesterday I had the chance to work with an amazing director, Anton Jøsef, and his team on a gorgeous (albeit freezing cold) beach in Scarborough yesterday. It was a teriffic shoot, filmed on a video camera that is too far beyond my comprehension of such things to describe accurately. I will write more about this on a later date, but here is a still shot to hold you over:

The tail end of Hurricane Earl...

In other news, I have some other new pictures to display, taken by the wonderful Alex of Lifeimages in Toronto with hair and make-up by the very talented Trula. They are fun and something a little different from my usual work:


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I am a professional model.
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One Response to Update – Tons of New Stuff…

  1. love ur latest shots amazing .. cant wait til we shoot .. 🙂

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