I Love Fall

Fall in my backyard @ R.H.

Seriously…who doesn’t love fall? It’s far and away the best season there is. The weather is still nice, the lake is virtually devoid of people and who wants to argue that Hallowe’en isn’t the best holiday going? I am all about fall.

Anyway, it’s been very busy lately: NYC trip is coming up in about two weeks (mentally preparing myself for that…egghhhh crowds…) and I am spending the majority of the next ten to twelve days in Toronto for bookings. And when I say “majority” I think it will be every day.

So I also had a really amazing shoot this week with an outstanding photographer, Jesse Bard, and a very talented HS/MUA Amanda Reid. It was truly one of the most enjoyable shoots I have had (UFC conversations, cute dogs on site, amazing pictures…) so I figured that I would post a few of the finished products here:

I also had the opportunity to go to a beautiful town in rural Quebec for a fun shoot with the wonderful John Knechtel and a very special cow, Olympic Model. It was my kind o’ shoot – I even got to chew on hayseed and everything. Then there was the part about the photographer getting kicked/stepped on by said special cow…but he toughed it out and lived to tell the tale.

That cow is worth more than my life. Straight up.


About kindustry

I am a professional model.
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