Somebody Waits

Yeah, I am listening to some Blue Rodeo right now…loooove BR. This one time I snuck into their dressing room after a show in Kingston and they were all cool about it. Even gave me a Heineken. So yeah, the post title is all about them.

Anyhow, just getting home from a week in the T dot. Working everyday, etc. No complaints; it was a great week. Did some work with Wella and got a delicious new hair colour and cut out of it (my newfound fringe is courtesy of Fabio Semintelli – amazing!)

Highlight was going onstage on Monday as a part of the Trend Vision show airing live from Muzik (yeah, it’s nice in there) and having the lovely Fabio asking the audience whether they reckoned I resembled that other Cate (against popular opinion, I truly believe I don’t). Afterwards, one of the other models snapped this shot of me backstage; you can judge for yourself:

Cate and Kate

Also had another fabulous shoot with one of my hands-down favourite photographers, Babak. It was a hair job, but somehow this picture ensued: We have fun.

A while back I had a great outdoor shoot (also a shoot in the great outdoors) with Trevor Godinho and MUA May Nguyen – click here for more details: I have posted a few of the resulting images below:

Signing off with a few words of BR: One day you’ll wake up and realize you’ve had enough/A thousand shining moments are waiting just to happen to you.

Not trying to be prophetic – just really love BR.

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I am a professional model.
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