Like a G6…

Surely to goodness I am not the only one who thought that this rather annoying song (sorry!) was speaking of the Pontiac rather than (apparently) some sort of aircraft. Boy, did I ever feel like an idiot when I was dragged out of the ignorance closet the other day…

Anyway, it’s been an exceptionally busy October – no complaints here – and today I finally got the chance to go outside and enjoy the splendour of nature. Actually, it’s been raining all day and is really kinda disgusting out, but I did take a crappy crackberry photo from the dock earlier this morning. For the record, I mean crappy in quality, not view. As everyone probably knows, I love the RH.


Anyhow, it sort of seems like everything I have done since I last wrote has gone by in a blur. Days, nights, drives…it all blends together into one somewhat vague memory. That’s just the way it goes I suppose. Some highlights, however, include going on-air for a segment on Toronto-based designer Peach Beserk (meltdowns from outside parties nonwithstanding), getting a cover of the MAKA beauty book (July/August 2010), working on advertising for a new hair/make-up company with the amazing Tony Di Lorenzo ( and working with Nikki Ormerod ( of Westside Studios on a crazy amazing shoot with Fashion TV.

Royal York shoot with Nikki O. (with the lovely Sabrina Courture) I love, love, loooove that dress!

Photo: Babak, Hair: Amy Freudenberg, Make-up: Kristine Frank

On-set with Babak, Palma and Fatima. Amazing team!

Finally, congrats to my friend Palma for making it to the finals this year at the Contessas! She put together an amazing shoot with a fantastic team (photographer, MUA and models, including my lucky self). Here’s to you for the win!


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