Is it Really the End of November?!?

I can’t believe how fast time has flown…it’s the end of November!! The end of November! I happened upon this realization yesterday whilst I was wondering why the obtrusive Christmas displays at Burlington Coat Factory have already been erected (granted, they have probably been there since before Halloween). Wow – joke’s on me…

It’s been such a busy fall; far busier than anticipated (no complaints at all here!) I am going to post a bit of the article that I recently shot for Canadian Business with one of my all-time favourite photographer/directors, Tom Feiler. It’s a pretty good read, actually, and still on newstands if you are interested.

I am going to save some of the other things I have been up to until I get home from Europe (I am leaving tomorrow for about two weeks). Yes, I am excited.

I returned from Cuba on Friday of last week (I don’t normally travel as much as it is sounding like here, trust me!) and I am still tired from that adventure. Much shooting was done, but I will reveal the fruits of our labours at a later date. I will, however, leave the reader with a few words of wisdom that I carefully gleaned from my most recent visit to the Caribbean:

1.) Do not rely on ATM’s accepting Canadian debit cards if you’re going anywhere other than Havana or Varadero. This almost landed me a job dishwashing for the rest of my natural life in Santiago de Cuba.

2.) If you are lucky enough to have an MBNA Mastercard (you know, the one that claims they are “everywhere you will ever go”, please note that Cuba is apparently the only country in the world that does not accept them. I learned that gem of info on a $2 (+) buck a minute phone call back home.

3.) It is possible to obtain a box of Cuban cigars for 18 pesos.

4.) If you are gonna purposefully shatter drinking glasses or ashtrays in your room (for whatever reason) be prepared to shell out at the end of your stay to the tune of 0.60 pesos per glass and 1 peso per ashtray. Don’t ask me how much my new friends had to pay for a dismantled sink and the subsequent flooding…

and perhaps most importantly:

5.) Do not enter beer chugging contests with football players.

Coco Beach

El Morro

Quintessential "Thumbs Up" Shot

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4 Responses to Is it Really the End of November?!?

  1. Geekstar says:

    Love, love, love reading your posts. Glad to hear you had a fun trip in Cuba 🙂

  2. awesome, Kate! Safe journeys in Europe! ❤

  3. Sounds like you had a grand time and more to come with Europe. Enjoy…traveling is great food for inspiration…! ;-))

  4. would love to shoot there .. so gorgeous

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