Back to Work

So I am home from my European tour. It’s so hard to get back into “reality mode” but I think today it finally hit me! Like a ton of bricks, actually…

Anyway, I just found out that I have booked a campaign for a coat company that is shooting next week in Montreal – very excited about that. I will provide more details in the near future…

I have also been published again, this time in the November issue of Launchpad magazine. It is an editorial shoot that I did last year with Babak (one of my faves). It features the amazing hair artistry of Amy Freudenberg, with make-up by the very talented Kristine Frank and wardrobe from the fabulous Laura DiMarcantonio.

And finally, I will post a few choice pictures from my Euro-trip. Enjoy!

View from the monastery at Montserrat

View of Sitges at sunset


Bavarian Alps

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I am a professional model.
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One Response to Back to Work

  1. jd says:

    pop guns

    i bet they are still kickin around somewhere


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