2011 Thus Far

Wow…haven’t written since January. I can’t even remember what January looked like anymore – suffice it to say that life has been a little insane. I don’t have a great deal of time at the moment but figured a quick update is in order, starting with yesterday when I had the pleasure of doing DeMOYO’s Fall 2011 line. Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe these clothes and I’m not just saying that, y’know, to say that. She is truly an inspiration and her clothes rock my (certainly unmatching) socks. I will post a few backstage pictures below; the lookbook will be coming out very soon. Next for us: shoot in Montreal and FAT 2011!


Other undertakings include a music video for Kardinal Offishall’s new track “Famous” filmed in an airport hangar, which was pretty cool. I was the “Scandanavian Girl” (as I tend to be sometimes) which translated to…not a lot really. But it was an experience.


Also had the opportunity to work with an amazing company called Long Legs. I am sure I don’t need to go into what they do and who their demographic is…anyhow, their clothes are absolutely incredible. Haven’t thrown on a pair of jeans within the past ten years that have actually been long enough to accomodate my seemingly giantess-esque stature.


So much more to say but this post is getting a little lenghty and I am terrified that my computer is going to somehow screw up (as it tends to do) and make me start all over again…

More soon!

About kindustry

I am a professional model.
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