Lots to Say; Little Time

So…it’s been awhile – I know, that seems to be a trend nowadays. I have found myself stuck in a renovation tornado (yes, really…well, kinda) but the good news is that there is an end in sight. And frankly, I feel that being a carpenter/tiler/general contractor goes nicely with modeling. My hands might tell you otherwise, but hey, they kinda sucked even before all the recent manual labour anyway.

So I had the pleasure of representing Redken at the Allied Beauty Awards in Toronto this year. Had the opportunity to meet/work with many awesome individuals (you know who you are!) Got to sport a pretty mean crimp for three days, which always translates to goodtimes.

The Chris Baran workin’ on my head
Photo courtesy of Babak

Speaking of hair, I was lucky enough to be alerted to the fact that there is a giant poster of me somewhere out there, depicting my work with Farouk, that I haven’t managed to get my (decidedly painty) mitts on yet. I also found out that I have some new tearsheets in Estetica USA with said company. All was shot by Babak, one of the best photographers eveeeeerrr.

My work for DeMoyo that was published in Raine Magazine also came out in early April. Looks outstanding on the web – gotta get a print copy one of these years. Awesome job all!
Photo: Ian Compton; Hair/MUA: Janine Holmes

 I apologize that the photos got inserted looking all haphazard and such. If I knew how to fix it and cared one more iota than I currently do, I would ask for help. But I gotta go do some caulking now.


About kindustry

I am a professional model.
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