Kinda Like Drunk Texting…

Happy Thursday! I apologize in advance, but this is going to be a bit of a rant. However, I shall start out with something positive…

Opening for DeMoyo

The above is a picture from DeMoyo’s FAT debut last month. Love, love, love that girl – and her talent is remarkable 🙂 The rest does not apply to her and probably anyone else I have blogged about in the past.

I really don’t want to complain. I mean, I know that I am lucky to be able to make a living from this. I am pretty resilient; I put up with thousands of kilometers of driving every month, incessant nattering and drama, finicky clients and the like. I never ask for much, if anything – really, just the basic courtesy that (almost) every human being deserves. However, there are some things that just make me take a step back and evaluate just how disingenuous and whacky this industry can be. The following comments don’t pertain to any one particular individual; rather, they have evolved from a collection of similar experiences over the years. You have to get it out every now and then…even when you’re “just” a model. Insert winkey character here.
Things to consider:
*If I shoot trade with you (this usually only happens when I am guaranteed a good magazine spread and even then I am starting to reconsider) I do require at least one (two would be nice) copies of said magazine. I do have a book…and that is why I shoot this type of thing. You were able to e-mail me every second from your iPhone 4 in the months/weeks/days preceding the shoot. I know you are still getting my messages. Perhaps it doesn’t behoove you to answer them now that you have the images but guess what?? I don’t.
* When you agree to pay me, please pay me. There is nothing worse than hunting down clients for money.
* I am a human being. I get hungry sometimes and experience pain every now and then. Please respect this and do your best to acquiesce with my needs when they happen to arise (every year or so).
* Please, please don’t look at my images and say “wow…it’s amazing what Photoshop can do to [insert general attractive body part here – usually cheekbones]”. No, individual in question, mommy & daddy, the gym and healthy eating made that body part amazing. I am a full-time model. I do have some redeeming qualities.
* On that note, refrain from asking me if something has been “worked on”. Nothing has and asking me is ridiculous and insulting.
* Please don’t feel it necessary to “enlighten me” with the knowledge that it would be super easy to be thin if you had “my metabolism”. Seriously. I had to have it checked recently: it is on the border of requiring medication to help stimulate it. I run my ass off and don’t eat garbage.
* Don’t ask me to call you about setting up a shoot and then proceed to yak my ear off for two hours about how amazing you are and why all my work to date is baloney because you weren’t involved in the production of it. This happens more than I care to elaborate on.
* Please refrain from referring to me as “the model” to my face. I have a name and it is unpretentious and monosyllabic. If you can’t remember it please feel free to ask. I will not be insulted, I promise.
* Don’t ask me what I want to do “when I grow up”.
Phew…I feel better already. Thanks to those of you who got through all of that are currently still reading. Of course, not all of the above are deal breakers but ranting is therapeutic every now and then. Even for silly models like myself.

No one can hate on my pup


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4 Responses to Kinda Like Drunk Texting…

  1. Tony says:

    GREAT post Kate….i laughed (and nodded) at each point made. it is a whacky industry.

  2. This is BRILLIANT; yes you must let off a bit of steam now and then and boy can I relate on all the mentioned points. Freelance is a tough game but your a trooper

    Thanks for the awesome blog entry, and love the blog in general

    Luv ya girl! My Magnum Sista!

  3. Geekstar says:

    Agreed! 🙂 You rock!

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