So I Legit Lost a Day…

Has this ever happened to you? Like you really, truly believe that it’s Tuesday, June 14 when it’s actually nothing of the sort and you would be willing to bet upwards of $1000 that the voices of reason around you (a.k.a. naysayers) were all incorrect in their assertions that you are a day behind? This happened to me on Wednesday and it threw me for a loop. I suppose working 12 – 14 hour days with 3.5 hour drives tacked onto each end may or may not have contributed. All I know is that my deductive reasoning (thanks, Professor Clarabut!) told me that it might be apt to take one (1) unadulterated day off. So I did.

How embarrassing.

I totally missed a casting that I had fully intended on attending too. Guess I didn’t get the job?

In other news, castor oil and fake tiger-fur seat covers do not mix.

Casino shoot with David Hou

I will be updating my blog with new work soon – so many recent great shoots as well as exciting projects coming up that I can’t wait to write about (insert very smily face here). In the meantime, I have a dirt bike to fix.

Happy friday!! (It is friday, right?)



About kindustry

I am a professional model.
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