Where Do I Start?

Can’t believe it’s been so long since I last wrote here…time flies; you know how it goes…

So I went to Europe. It was a bit of a last-minute affair. Left on July 4 for three glorious weeks. What can I say? Drank a little (well…), walked A LOT and saw some amazing things. As usual, can’t wait to go back.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

So when I got home I eventually decided to make the way to the magazine racks to check for…ahem…*picture of myself*. It was a good month for hair, it seems. I have posted some findings below:

Celebrity Hairstyles, November 2011. Photo: Babak.


Celebrity Hairstyles, August 2011. Photo: Babak.
Hair Winners Magazine, Summer 2011. Photo: Babak.
     Haircut and Style, November 2011. Photo: Babak.
HairStyle Showcase Magazine, Fall 2011 & Haircut and Style Magazine, November 2011. Photo: Babak.
I apologize for the wonky captions and haphazard layout…after the twelfth time uploading those photos onto the post (yes, twelve) on DIAL-UP!!! I began to lose my marbles.
I will cap off this post with one last image: it is a banner that was unveiled at the NAHA’s this past July to celebrate the newly appointed Editorial Stylist of the Year, Amy Freudenberg. It is still one of my favourite photo shoots to date (with the fabulous Babak and Amy’s team). So congrats, all!!!
Next up: Poster/promo material shoot for Artex Clothing.
‘Til next time.


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I am a professional model.
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