Hey Blondie…

I feel kind of guilty for doing this; I really, truly, honestly do. My professional life has been absolutely amazing lately – I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by amazing people and great new projects. However, there always seems to be some random ne’er do-well, cropping up out of the woodwork, who seems intent on further eroding my dwindling faith in humanity.

So I was approached by a gem of a gentleman the other day at work. Now I didn’t know this guy from a hole in the ground, but by all accounts, he seemed “professional” and of at least median intelligence. It turns out that he simply felt the need to point out that I was blonde. Yep, sure am; always have been. He then proceeded to tell several of the most offensive “blonde jokes” that I have ever been subjected to and when I failed to guffaw graciously at his “humour”, huffily walked away. The other girl who was working with me on that particular day insinuated that I was “taking it the wrong way”. This is after we had both been reassured that another, equally charming and totally random gentleman was not “going to make us think”. Apparently he felt that doing so was beyond our realm of capabilities. Hm…

A kind-of random, kind-of funny picture to break up the kind-of angry undertones of this post.

So I ask this question: if one was to approach, say, a random Jewish person and proceed to regale them with anti-Semantic jokes, would it be permissible for them to take offense to this? Or would that just be “too sensitive” of them?

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not an unreasonable person. I can joke around with the best of them. I can put up with jibes from people I know in regards to my job, hair colour, etc. However, when random people start assuming that they are welcome to take jabs at some stranger just because it makes them feel a little bit better about themselves…well, that’s an issue. At least I reckon so.

What is even more troubling is the fact that the “other girl” was genuinely apathetic to these events. I’m not asking for her to be outraged or to chase these guys down and give them the beats – just reassurance that I’m not entirely insane for being mildly insulted. Ya know?


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2 Responses to Hey Blondie…

  1. Doug says:

    It was great to speak with you last night, it has been to long. This joker is not a gentleman and
    certainly not distinguished if he has the balls to speak like that to your face. I am proud of you for
    what you have accomplished and do not change for anybody. Besides your blonde hair highlights
    your amazing features and goes great with your fantastic personality which drew me to have a
    friendship with you. Keep going forward like the ball of fire you are.
    Your favorite cop…….Doug

  2. you’re not crazy 🙂 people hate on the blond hair it just happens

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