What do Harlequin romance novels and music videos have in common??

Are you stumped?

They are both shot in beautiful Kingston, ON…as it were.

It was my honour to have to opportunity to work with a couple of talented teams on several shoots recently in the K-Towne area. Now, for those of you who are lucky enough not to know me personally, Kingston is the city that I always tell people who hail from larger cities (ie. Montreal, Toronto, Munich et. al.) I’m from when they first meet me. ***Full disclosure: I kind of am from the K-Dot but way, way, waaaaaay in the outskirts outside of (not even in) a small place that no one has ever heard of.***

Anyhow, back in late summer, I was selected as the “girl” for In the Guestroom‘s new music video “Dead Doves”. The footage was shot and edited by the very talented Daniel McCully. The official launch party was on the 25th of November; I got to roll up in my aunt’s slick 80’s Cadillac, which pretty much sealed the deal of awesomeness for me. You can view the full video here:

The romantic shoots that I alluded to earlier were with the fantastic Nikki Ormerod of Toronto. They took place on one of my favourite places in Eastern Ontario, Wolfe Island. Yes, you actually have to take a ferry out to said area – it’s even free. I highly recommend it.

"The Captain's Forbidden Miss"

The shoots were both for the covers of two Harlequin novels that have recently hit the shelves of bookstores and assorted gas stations everywhere. I caught someone licking a copy at a Chapters in Montreal but I digress…

"Bespelling Jane Austin"


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