Goodtimes in Yellowknife

So…a fantastic photographer that I shot with a few weeks ago was kind enough to point out to me that I hadn’t concocted a new blog post since November. Well, I how have the wifi (that’s WHIFF-FHEE) installed at the house so I figured that there’d be no day like today to update. Plus, I’m off.

Recently I flew to Yellowknife for several days to take part in the filming of an upcoming episode of Ice Pilots ( I was lucky (crazy??) enough to don snowshoes for the Frostbite 45 Marathon with some amazing folks from the Northwest Territories. Suffice it to say that I was more than a little nervous going into the big race because I had never really snowshoe-d in my life and the cold weather was something that, as a relative “southerner”, I frankly wasn’t used to. 

I’m going to be a jerk and withhold getting into specifics about how the team did and what else went down in the land of the midnight sun, but that’s part of the fun in waiting for the episode to air anyway (date TBA). And hey, if I’m writing this now it’s a pretty good indication that I survived.


NWT was absolutely, stunningly, spectacularly beautiful and the people were truly amoung the nicest I have ever met. A special “thank you” to my fabulous host, Mikey McBryan (as well as the whole McBryan clan – you were amazing!), the entire production team and everyone else who I came across in the town of Yellowknife (except for the hecklers who followed me around calling me “Paris” one day).

I will be back.



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