Stuff I Get Asked

Common questions that are asked once it is made apparent that I model = something that I’ve been meaning to blog about for quite some time now. So since I’m chillin’ like a villain on the lake at the moment with nowhere else to be (other than getting something productive done, like wood splitting), I figured there was no time like the present to answer said questions once and for all. And in a public forum, no less!

Now, some of said inquiries are more irksome than others – please don’t take offence if you have asked either myself or someone else any of the following. Unless it’s number 6….or number 8. And usually number 10.


1.) “You’re a model?! Who do you model for??”

(I don’t really understand this question because I’m not sure what it really means. Is the person asking which agency or which companies I have appeared in pictures for? So I generally just answer both).

I am currently freelance but I was with a few different agencies in the past. In terms of companies, I usually throw out something sorta smart-assey, like “whoever wants to pay me” (it’s TRUE!) Such companies include everything from bigger names that everyone has heard of like The Bay, Mac and Chanel as well as more random ones, like active wear brands from Turkey and bridal gown chains from pretty much everywhere.

2.) “Wow – are your parents/friends/boyfriends/whomever soooo proud of you? They must love it!”

(I always feel guilty when I answer this one because I don’t want to let the ask-ee down or make them feel bad)…

The people in my life couldn’t care less about the modeling. In fact, until earlier this year, my parents thought that I was working for a car company when they found out that I was repped by Ford in the past. No, seriously. It’s not that they aren’t proud of me, but modeling is just another job to the myself and the people in my life. Near as I can figure, they are happy with whatever I do, as long as I am happy. Damn…I’m getting all after-school special on you now.

3.) “Do you LOVE it?”

(Another guilt inducing question)

It’s ok. It’s a job. Better for me than a 9 to 5.

4.) “So, do you do RUNWAY?!?”

Yep. But not so much anymore ’cause it doesn’t usually pay well/at all. And free clothes are great but they sure as shit don’t pay the mortgage.

4.5) “Really?!? I would have thought that runway paid the most!!!”

Not in my experience, nope. I could elaborate, but I won’t.

5.) “How tall are you? ‘Cause you’re suuuuuper tall. The modeling world must LOVE that!”

5’11” and change (I hesitate to say six feet). It’s not so great, really. Especially in Toronto and Montreal. 5’9″ is fine because then you’re not looking like a giant when you do shots with other models. Clients don’t want you to stand out and being a good three inches taller than the other girls (and/or the same height/taller than guys without heels) is not the look they are going for. Plus, clothes really aren’t designed for folks of my stature; even some of the garments from the sample rack.

6.) “So do people ever tell you stuff about your body?”

Are you calling me fat?

7.) “Do you find the lifestyle crazy? Is there a lot of sex and coke?”

I don’t know – I go back home to the lake immediately after every job because I don’t care for the city. No offence – the city is fine – it just ain’t for me.

8.) “Have you ever had to do anything, you know, kind of sleezy to get a job?”

Like, a casting couch?!? What kind of question is that? None of your beeswax.

And NO!

9.) “So, do people tell you how to keep your hair and make you stay a certain size?”

Yep, pretty much. I’ve had to keep my hair long and blonde throughout my career because that is what clients expect of me now and I try to keep my portfolio consistent. When I was with agencies, they would stipulate what a client could/could not do to my person. And yes, I need to stay a 2/4 so that I can continue to squeeze my misshapen hulk into a sample size. And I would be healthy (eat properly/work out) even if I wasn’t modeling anyhow.

10.) “So can you hook me up with your connections? I wanna model.”

No, I really cannot. I’m sorry. It’s not that I’m trying to be mean…it’s just that my opinion or “assistance” really isn’t worth squat to anyone. Either you have a look that someone is interested in or not, and only a decent agency can answer that question for you. I’d be happy to point out which agencies have good reputations and get their models work but that is the extent of help that I can offer. Good luck!


And on another note, here are some new photos! They were all shot by the talented Stephanie Lipp and styled by the one and only Tasha Farrington at Pretty Deadly Stylz. The hair and make-up were done by the fabulous Linda Radan. Enjoy.





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One Response to Stuff I Get Asked

  1. MikeyMcBryan says:

    I think I have personally asked you every one of these questions hahaha.

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