Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me…

…And probably don’t care about anyway.

Working on set has provided me ample opportunity to get to know all sorts of things about the other people present. The modeling industry is (amoung other things) a fascinating world and one of the aspects I enjoy the most about it is getting a rare cross-section look into the lives of others, as one often finds themselves becoming rather intimate with the people on set fairly quickly.

I really, really enjoyed him, despite my decidedly sour expression.

I really, really enjoyed him, despite my decidedly sour expression.

I have yet to decide if this is due to the personalities that are attracted to this lifestyle or whether it can be attributed to the fact that conversation naturally flows when someone’s hands are all up in your business and their face is about two inches from your own as they apply, with painstaking precision, my black winged eyeliner. I think it’s a combination of both.

So, without further ado, here is a list of ten facts about me that people in the biz often find shocking and/or interesting when revealed.

1.) I apprenticed to be a marine mechanic and continue to work with my hands constantly. Embarrassingly, this is usually revealed when the perma-grease on my hands is made apparent.

2.) I don’t live in a city and I never will. This has had its ups and downs over my career as a model: on one hand I can pull work from different markets as I live within commuting distance of a few cities, but on the other hand, it’s rarely (if ever) practical for me to drive all the way into the city to attend a random casting or fitting. I fully accept the positives and negatives of my living situation.

iphone set 1136

3.) I will never, ever say no to a coffee.

4.) I have a few tattoos but they are (kind of) well hidden. If, for some reason, they are revealed during the shoot and the photographer/editor leaves them in the final shot I always smile. Although I never expect this is the least.


Recent work for Oil and Sugar – can you spot the tat?

5.) I ride a motorcycle almost everywhere when I’m around home. In fact, I’m still riding on the warmer days and will continue to do so until it becomes dangerous or until I can drive my snowmobile instead.

6.) I have an older brother and a younger sister and they are not involved in any way, shape or form with the modeling industry. In fact, we don’t discuss it back home. Ever, really.

7.) One of my main passions in life is travel. Usually the people I meet in this industry are also really into discussing this subject and have traveled extensively themselves, so that makes for plenty of interesting conversation. I was thinking about the work/travel connection yesterday because a friend asked me whether I travel mostly for work or for fun. I realized that the answer is both, and that I am pretty damn lucky to have a job that allows me to do so.

If there's one thing I love, it's Germany in the winter.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s Germany in the winter.

8.) I used to be a fairly high-level snowboarder and badminton player but had to give it up due to a torn ACL/MCL/LCL that is still awaiting surgery. I have definitely plans to get back into competitive snowboarding when said surgery finally materializes.

9.) I once ran for Miss Canada. I really, truly only did it for the $10,000 in scholarship money that the winner received. Unfortunately, I have nothing particularly good to say about the competition itself (although I hear that it has since changed for the better) but many (not all) of the other girls were truly fabulous individuals and I remember that part fondly.

10.) I grew up/currently live on the lake and could never not be on a body of water. I gravitate towards it wherever I go.



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3 Responses to Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me…

  1. Injun says:

    Hey I really like everything you wrote about 🙂 I’m a big fan of yours. Would you be interested in grabbing a coffee with me some time?


  2. Good reading Kate and thanks for sharing. It’s true that you get to know people fast in the industry and since we have worked together…what..3 or 4 times…I knew maybe 7 out of the 10 items mentionned…but…I really thought you would share your past work as a forest ranger…oooops !!! was I supposed to mention this ???

  3. EyesOnAleks says:

    You’v got extremly entertaining blog and beautiful photos 🙂
    I am also writing a blog on models and modeling, i am new at this tho 🙂
    Check it out :
    Also follow me on twitter: @EyesOnAleks

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