On Height and the Industry

Upon meeting people for the first (or second…or third) time, one of the things that rarely escapes mention is my height – or abundance thereof. If said person is not aware that I model, comments will generally be made that I should (model). If the individual knows that I do this, they will make exclamatory remarks about how much of an asset my height is.

Now, let it be noted for the record that I DO NOT, NOT appreciate these comments. In fact, the opposite is true. *Thank you to all of the lovely people who make mention of it and appreciate my gangly attributes.* The point of this blog, rather, is to dispel some myths about height relating to the modeling industry.

In my experience, it has rarely, if ever, been beneficial to be over 5’9″. I am about half an inch shy of 6′ (5’11.5″ as my agency says). I know this because a doctor measured me about two months ago. Is it possible to be over 20 years old and female and still growing? Anyway, I digress…

NO ONE is taller than Chuck Norris.

NO ONE is taller than Chuck Norris.

The point is, clients in Canada generally would like female models to be about 5’9″. There are a few reasons I have detected over the years for this. One is that designer sample sizes simply are not produced for females in the 6′ range. Another is that if you are working with a male model, they are rarely taller than you (again, this is coming from my experience) and then the photographer will need to place them on a phone book or you in bare feet…or both. And sometimes that’ll ruin a full body shot, yanno? The same logic applies to working with other female models. There is a marked difference between someone who is 5’9″ and someone who is 2 -3″ taller. That’s generally not the esthetic that a photographer or client wants for group shots…and then you get into the use of bare feet, creative posing or phone books.

Over the years, I have amassed a dirty pile of nicknames that run the gamut from “Spider Monkey” to “String Bean” and been likened to a bad weed. And I wouldn’t want it any other way. But now you all know why it’s not the super coolest thing to be as tall as I am – in the Canadian modeling industry.

Photo: Babak Hair: Palma Anshilevich

Photo: Babak
Hair: Palma Anshilevich






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